Do proper due-diligence before buying land in Mumbai

Buying property is a very major decision of our lives. In case of majority of people, this happens only a few time in one’s life. And if the property purchase is in a major metro city like Mumbai, then it is all the more big event of the life because buying property in Mumbai is not everyone’s cup of tea. The property prices are mindboggling. The property prices in India’s commercial capital are as high as some top real estate markets of the world. In some cases, property in Mumbai is more expensive than some of the top cities in the world.

While most people are happy with buying an apartment in a good building or complex in Mumbai, there are some who are more ambitious. They aim for buying a land and build their own nest; of course they are financially equipped to pay the price for it. Sometimes the price commanded by land owners can border insanity because it is difficult to find land for sale in Mumbai. Most land is utilized for residential or commercial construction. There is very less space available in this city, therefore land is very premium.

Land in Mumbai very scarce and much in demand, therefore it commands a very high price. If you are interested in buying a land in Mumbai then you must be very careful about a few things. A clear land title is the most important thing. Also find out about its conveyance. If your property is close to a road, highway or railway station or rail track then check if it has been marked or there are any chances of it being marked for infrastructure development and expansion by the government. If so, then reconsider that land piece. Also check the price commanded by the owner, whether it is in line with market expectations and on what are the terms and conditions for handover of the property title. Check if there are any encroachments on the land. There are experts in Mumbai who have many year of experience in land dealings. Due to the high premium that a land in Mumbai would command, it is advisable to take the help of experts while buying a property. Prithvi Land Projects Pvt. Ltd. is a land property expert which can help you with finding a good piece of land for sale in Mumbai.




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